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U Shape Metal Plasterboard Profiles – Steel Frame for Plasterboard

Metal U Profiles for Drywall These U-shaped profiles are engineered as a guide to create plasterboards partition walls, wall linings with certified fire proofing features, provided that dimensions and features foreseen in the certificates are respected.
In detail, they are used for:
– structures for wall linings of any size;
– structures for both simple and multiple partition walls in a wide range of heights;
– special structures for the creation of curved walls, partition, staircases, perimeter edge, variable corners and protected edges.

CIPRIANI PROFILATI Metal Systems are manufactured according to the Standards EN 14195 , DIN 18182 , NF DTU 25.41 , NF 411 , ABNT NBR 15217 , UNI 11424 . Our profiles are made of carbon steel type DX51D hot-galvanized ad passivated.

Product Specification/Models
U Profile – Steel Frame for Plasterboard


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