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Zig Zag Vespaio Precision
Insecticide for Wasps and Hornets

Contents: 400 ml.
Dimensions: 5,7×25,3

Spray Insecticide with high effectiveness and immediate and residual action. Precision, because of the PRECISE JET UP TO 3 METRES thanks to the special DISPENSER HELMET WITH TUBE. A real tool that makes it possible to aim and hit the target exactly! Ideal for medium-small nests in indoor or nearby places and in positions that are difficult to reach (gaps between beams, shutter boxes, roofing spaces, sills, mailboxes, etc.). It also kills insects that return to the nest after the treatment, suppresses larvae, eggs and pupa, leading to the total collapse of the treated nest. Emptying time about 2 and a half minutes.

Instructions: Shake thoroughly before use. Spray from a maximum distance of 3 metres, at brief intervals, directing the jet directly on the nests of the wasps or other insects (spiders, bumble bees, bed bugs …). The ideal is to act in early morning or late evening when the wasps are drowsy inside the nest.

Where to use it: Wherever there are wasps or hornets’ nests, provided that they are not near flames and incandescent bodies. Wasps and hornets also make nests in cities, close to our living areas sheltered in the gaps between beams, shutter boxes, roofing spaces, sills, mailboxes …

Where not to use it: foods and containers for food. On flames or incandescent bodies. On bee nests (bees are extremely precious insects responsible for pollinating plants. They must not be killed! We recommend that you contact a beekeeper who will be happy to remove the nest and its inhabitants)

Operating principle: The product acts by contact and ingestion.

Notes: As the special HELMET VALVE WITH TUBE targets the jet, it permits extreme precision and safety so that it is easy to hit the target even in places that are difficult to reach. Furthermore, also thanks to the targeted jet, there is no product waste or soiling!

Respect the environment: Does not contain gases and propellants that are damaging for the ozone layer.

Certifications: A Medical Product


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