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GSI-worm-rackWorm Gear – GSI Precision Gears

GSI Ingranaggi manufactures precision Racks and Gears,
Gears, precision gears, gear rack, worm gear, coupling gear, gear weel, syncronizer rings, pinion gears, gear shaf, sun gears and double pinion gears.

find more information at: www.pulley-gear.com

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Gambini meccanica Precision Worm Gears – Worm Gears – Precision Gears.

Gambini Meccanica manufactures worm gears up to a maximum module M10, just milled or ground, with different raw materials: alloy steel, hardened and tempered alloy steel, case-hardened and induction hardened steel and stainless steel.

For more details and price information contact us at: gambinimeccanica@gmail.com

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