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Zig Zag Odour-dissolver, Deodorant Insecticide with Rose Bouquet

3 in 1: 1 – Kills insects; 2 – Dissolves unpleasant odours;3 – Deodorizes the environment

Contents: 500 ml.
Dimensions: 6,5×23,2

“Dry formula” spray insecticide which combines the powerful abatement properties of the active insecticide principles, with the specific ODOUR-DISSOLUTION function. For flying insects: mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies, bluebottles, wasps, horseflies, moths, sand flies and bugs.

Instructions: Spray the products into the room to treat for a few seconds (4/6) as high as possible and with a circular movement.

Where to use it: In the air of the room to treat.

Where not to use it: foods and containers for food. On flames or incandescent bodies. Do not use against crawling insects and in places near the floor.

Operating principle: Contains a substance which neutralizes the bad smell molecules in the environment by means of a salification process and transforms them into healthy, totally odour-free cells. Thanks to the “dry formula”, it remains in suspension at length which prolongs its effectiveness, it does not drop or stain and, by acting by contact and ingestion, it kills the insects in just a few minutes.

Notes: The only Odour-Dissolving Deodorant Insecticide on the market. The “dry formula” means that the product can remain in suspension for a long time and, as a result, increase its effectiveness compared with the usual insecticides for flying insects.

Respect the environment: Does not contain gases and propellants that are damaging for the ozone layer.

Certifications: A Medical Product


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