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AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRONIC BOARDS – Electronic Circuit Boards – Air Conditioning Circuit Board.

ELECTRONIC BOARDS PRODUCTION DEPT.: assembly line for IMS/SMD, SMD traditional components, remelting welding and glue point welding, wave through new unleaded alloys, station for final functional tests and quality control. TECHNICAL DEPT: Front-End Engineering, PCB layout engineering, Firmware and Sotware Development, Prototyping, Testing, Documentation Release. RESOURCES: software system to plan and check electrical diaghram, cad station for development of circuit borad up to 12 layers, software compilers for advanced languages and emulators for multiprocessors families of latest generators; ELECTRICAL CABINET PRODUCTION DEPT.: design and manufacturing of a wide range of electrical cabinets, boxes and enclosures. We also propose cabinets and other models which have special paint, specific cutouts (enclosures, plates…), specific dimensions.

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Air Conditioning Circuit Board

Electronic Circuit Boards

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