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Zig Zag Refill for Automatic Dispensers
Insecticide against flying and crawling insects for Automatic Dispensers

Contents: 250 ml.
Dimensions: 6,5×14,8

When inserted in the special Automatic Dispenser a small quantity of insecticide is sprayed at constant intervals so as to keep an average-sized room, even a ventilated one, free from insects.

Instructions: put the can in its seat inside the Automatic Dispenser. Set the timing as desired an activate the Dispenser, which must be positioned as high up as possible, in such a way as to diffuse the product throughout the space involved. Several Automatic Dispensers should be used for deodorizing quite large spaces.

Where to use it: Automatic dispenser for air in room.

Where not to use it: foods and containers for food. On flames or incandescent bodies.

Operating principle: The product acts by contact and ingestion.

Notes: A single product against both flying and crawling insects = SAVING. Fast action in space and long persistence in time: this means treating the environment less often = EVEN MORE SAVING and LESS POLLUTION.

Respect the environment: Does not contain gases and propellants that are damaging for the ozone layer.

Certifications: A Medical Product


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