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Italian Design Furniture – Living Rooms

Imab: Italian Design Living Room Set – TXN006

CARCASE: Lacquered gloss white

FRONT: Lacquered gloss black and white

MEASURE COMPOSITION: 1190 x 360 x 45

Imab Italian Design Furniture provides comfortable quarters where the entire family spends a great deal of its time. We give below an idea about the various types of furniture used in your living room.

These design living room furniture sets are not only for comfort but also for decoration and style of your living room! Italian design living room furniture is made from the wood that is the most common material used to make furniture. Wood furniture crafted out of wood makes a living room very warm, welcoming and graceful.

Whether your furniture choice ranges from simple to traditional styles to modern, contemporary styles, the beautiful collection of Italian design furniture adds to the beauty of your room’s decor.

Application: Home furniture

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