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Zig Zag Insecticide Powder
Insecticide Powder ready for use for disinfesting crawling insects both indoors and outdoors, with prolonged action over time.

Contents: 250 gr. bottle
Dimensions: 8,5×15

Powder ready for use for treating and disinfesting outdoors or large closed surfaces from crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, fish moths, fleas, lice and mites, etc.). Particularly suitable for disinfesting homes, barracks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and all domestic/civil spaces in general. Remains effective for weeks.

Instructions: It is applied by distributing the powder on the surfaces and taking particular care with the treatment of corners, interstices, cracks and all those points in which insects traditionally nest.

Where to use it: Floors, corners, gaps, cracks, along the skirting and in all the points where insects habitually nest.

Where not to use it: foods and containers for food.

Operating principle: The product acts by contact and ingestion.

Certifications: A Medical Product


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