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Hydraulic Cylinders for Drilling RigsHydraulic Cylinders for Drilling Rigs

Cylinders’ Characteristics

Construction yards are difficult work environments that put drilling rigs and their hydraulic cylinders to the test for what concerns sturdiness and long-term durability.

Drill rigs often work all day long in dusty environments filled with soil, stones, mud and other fluids.

Special attention must be placed in selecting the best quality of materials for sake of durability, making sure that sealing systems are fit for their use and installing protections against external agents to protect the integrity and durability of moving parts.

Often due to extensive cylinder lengths, similar applications require special attention to problems that may arise linked to peak loads and part sizing, which must be sufficiently calculated to resist water hammers and pressure surges.

Our Hydraulic Cylinders

We manufacture medium/large double acting hydraulic cylinders for drill rigs in medium-small batches. Hydraulic cylinders for drill rigs can be manufactured on our design or tailored to that of the customer. We are able to walk you through from prototyping to production in small series.

  • Bore: from 40mm to 200mm
  • Rod diameter: from 25 mm to 160mm
  • Maximum stroke: 3000mm
  • Work pressure up to 750 bar
  • Materials of the barrel in compliance with DIN UNI standards
  • Piston rods made of CK 45-42NCM4 induction hardened and tempered steel
  • Chrome plating customised thickness, ASTM B117 test certified up to 500 hours

The cylinders are manufactured with a threaded bolt-on head with articulated, fixed, flanged, clevis and pivoted attachments.

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