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Sipp Spa: Chilled Liquor Dispensing Equipment

ICY SHOT is a revolutionary liquor dispenser because it is able to chill the product instantaneously, without using ice cubes and without altering the organoleptic properties of the drink. Unlike the common liquor chiller, ICY SHOT works without reservoir: what you drink is a pure liquor, coming out and chilled instantaneously from the bottle. It can be located in a prime position at the bar to attract customers’ attention, Icy shot is an essential tool for brand improvement and increase of liquor sales. Icy shot is very easy to use: it is a plug and play product, it is ready for use in a few minutes, you can set the desired dispensing temperature to a minimum of -18°C (-0,4°F) by simply adjusting the digital thermostat.

Models: Icy Shot 3

Application: Liquor Dispenser for Hotels and Bars

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