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Ice-cream Refrigerator Cabinets – Samaref Ice-cream Refrigerators
GELATO refrigerator cabinets are made for ice cream parlours.

The refrigerators have positive (-2°/+8°C) or negative temperatures (-15°/-22°C) and a monobloc tropical refrigerating system to ensure a totally even temperature throughout the cell and to guarantee perfect ice cream storage.

Capacity 1000 litres.

The Gelato model is complete with accessories such as lock, internal LED lighting and elegant full-length, bevelled handle, plus touch-screen control panel with lit display with overcooling, defrost adapt and HACCP functions, as well as 9 stainless steel racks.

The conveyor fitted on these products is a guarantee of foods stored with unique freshness. The prestige accessory on the GELATO cabinet is the DEBATTER, which preserves hygiene and maintains foods.

It is a system to debacterialise the air flow inside the refrigerator compartment, reducing bacterial contamination and the formation of unpleasant odours to a minimum.

All Samaref’s refrigerators are completely “Made in Italy” using 304 stainless steel. The technology used is a guarantee of great energy savings.

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