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266S_cannelloni carne

soft-wheat flour, durum-wheat semolina, eggs. filling: pork and beef, ricotta soft-cheese, parma ham,  grana padano cheese . we have a variuos kind of cannelloni: ricotta and spinach cannelloni iqf, meat cannelloni bolonaise (ready to be cooked), ricotta and spinach cannelloni bolonaise (ready to be cooked).

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22S_Gnocchi di patate

potatoes, soft-wheat flour. we have a variuos kind of gnocchi: potato gnocchi green, potatto gnocchetti small, “casarecci” potato gnocchi, potato “chicche” small gnocchi, tri-colour “chicche” small gnocchi

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soft-wheat flour, durum-wheat sdemolina, eggs. we have a variuos kind of string pasta: buckwheat tagliatelle, fettuccine, fettuccine black with real squid-ink, whole-wheat fettuccine, pappardelle, spelt pappardelle, tagliolini, tagliolini black with real squid-ink, spaghetti alla chitarra, spaghetti alla chitarra of kamut.

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soft-wheat flour, durum-wheat semolina, eggs. filling: ricotta soft-cheese, parma ham, beef and pork, grana padano cheese . we have a variuos kind of tortellacci: ricotta and spinach tortellacci giganti , ricotta and cream tortellacci gigantio, wild cep-mushrooms tortellacci giganti, tortellacci giganti green with asparagus, tortellacci giganti black with salmon.

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The over 50 years experience in the “Art of Pasta” arranges Canuti as leader in National and International food’s markets with:
• more than 1400 customers in Italy
• distributed in more that 25 Countries Worldwide
• more than 50 different shapes of pasta
• more than 60 different feelings
Born as a small factory making home-made egg pasta, according to Italian traditions, today Canuti is a well-established company that produces supreme quality deep-frozen pasta.
Canuti stands out among the rest for expertise that can only be matured over time and for the use of the finest quality ingredients, but above all, for its love and respect for the Italian culinary tradition.
The company also combines tradition with innovative technology and safety standards. These newest technologies are used with great care and attention to safety and hygienic standards. In order to this great attention to the quality of its service, Canuti has requested and obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and respects all HACCP standards. The best way to present Pasta Canuti is through its pasta sold in 3 main product lines: Pasta Canuti, I Tesori del Gusto and Pasta ai Cereali (Canuti “Grain” pasta).

Canuti believes that the Italian culinary tradition needs to live on and spread throughout the World. According to the Italian tradition Canuti aims to the finest quality committing itself to a Staff of people under the supervision of a professional Chef that are always looking on the trends and the suggestions and requests of the Market. This are the ingredients Canuti uses to satisfy the customer, which is Canuti’s main interest. Continuing the artisan process of making homemade pasta, Canuti  is constantly developing and expanding its offer, as well as providing ever-more efficient service. This is the best way for Canuti to anticipate its customers’ needs.

Pasta Canuti’s range presents an assorted kind of pasta: short shapes, string pasta, filled pasta (with more than 60 different fillings), Potato Gnocchi, Home-made-style pasta, deep-frozen oven pasta, deep-frozen different cereal grain pasta (such as spelt, buckwheat and whole-wheat).
Pasta Canuti repeats the lessons learned from artisan pasta makers by following the ancient recipes which required the use of at least 7 eggs for each kilogram of flour. Canuti also uses a bronze wire-draw, as the artisans did in the past, which gives the pasta its particular coarseness allowing any sauce to adhere to it perfectly.
Once the production process is completed, Canuti pasteurizes and freezes its pasta immediately. The steam pasteurizers guarantee a microbiologically safe product thanks to the extremely high temperatures reached. Canuti has been using the freezing process since the early 80s to preserve its pasta naturally and guarantee that it arrives to the consumer maintaining its taste and nutritive qualities.
The essential ingredient in Canuti’s recipe is continuous innovation. Ideas and intuition are at the heart of a company that strives to offer the best in terms of product variety and uniqueness. In addition to that, a Staff of 3 professional Chefs is daily working on new receipes, shapes and ideas in order to follow the new “kitchen trends”.
The 3 pasta lines – Pasta Canuti, Tesori del Gusto and Pasta ai Cereali– are the result of research performed by Canuti with one goal in mind: protecting and increasing the value of the fabulous flavours of the past.

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