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Automatic Perfume Filling and Crimping machine – Perfume Bottle Filling/Crimping
Automatic 12 position perfume / filling crimping line.
The intake and expelling features positioned parallel on the same side leaving maximum inner space in order to carry out a high number of operations.
The quick change time of format and various program options make LA1 particularly versatile and suitable for small scale perfume production.
Perfume Filling Crimping MachineIncluded in LA1 apart from the three volumetric perfume filling nozzle ,the following settings are present ; one vacuum/level filling nozzle, one pump fitting device (insertion of micro pump in the bottle), one precrimping device (to center and temporarily fix the micro pump) and a crimping device. The bottle is moved by a closed circuit conveyor belt. La1 can be integrated into existing lines.
Machine set up is open to custom requirement.

– Filling capacity : 0-200 ml.
– Production rate : 1500-2200 pieces/h
– 8 different production programs, option to personalize productive cycles
– Power supply : 380V three phase
– Installed power : 1 kW
– Max air consumption : 80 Normal liters/minute

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Automatic perfume crimping and filling production line - LA3 Automatic Perfume Crimping and Filling Machine LA3

Automatic perfume crimping and filling production line with two operating units, LA3 has been created to assure as much flexibility as possible for perfume production.
The machine is composed of two well-protected operating units, situated at boths ends of a closed circuit in which perfume bottles, loaded in a set of pucks, are moved by a conveyor belt.
The first operating unit supplies automatic crimping and filling operations. Bottles transport on the conveyor belt (between the two units) allows you to check your production and to place manually additional pieces that will be worked in the second operating unit. With its flexible plexiglas protections, the second machine is actually designed to insert optional devices.
If your perfume production does require a reduced number of pieces, you are free to work with only one machine, excluding one of the operating units.


– 3 volumetric filling pistons
– pneumatic vacuum filling device
– automatic pump fitting device
– pneumatic precrimping device
– pneumatic crimping device

– collar fitting/pressing device
– crimping heads
– precrimping heads
– vibrating bowls


– caps placing/pressing device
– screwing device

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