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MOD. Pastapoint 6000
The new isle for the baking and the preparation of first courses, practical, quick and functional.
Pastapoint: It is composed from 2 independent small baskets, with 5 baking times: 4 pre set or programmable on request, the fifth to
manage freely on your choice. The machine Is equipped with a main basin and of a secondary one. This last one, with a capacity equal
to 6 liters of hot water to a temperature of 80°, tucks up the baking main basin, maintaining the water and temperature levels always
optimum. The system avoids the exercise idle time. The main basin loading can be managed both with manual function and automatic
connecting it to the water supply net, so as the complete emptying of both the basins and of the pump impeller.
When the pastry is inserted in the little basket it Is possible to choose the desired program. At this point the little basket plunges In the
water, at the baking end increases, strain pastry and reverse it in the plate automatically. A little basket can also contain two portions of
short pasta ready to dress. “Pasta Point” doesn’t needs of suction hood and doesn’t emit external vapors. “Pasta Point” has been designed and manufactured with a harmonious aesthetic in every component that allows it to be inserted in any context. All place is electric. There isn’t dispersion gas.

Pasta cooking and sauce preparing machine

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