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insect and bug killer spray – Zig Zag Insecticide Spray

4 in 1: 1 – Acts against flies, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and all flying insects; 2 – Acts instantly when sprayed in space; 3 – Acts against cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects; 4 – It acts in a residual manner, prolonged over time.

Contents: 500 ml.
Dimensions: 6,5×23,2

All the effectiveness of an insecticide for flies and mosquitoes and of an insecticide for cockroaches and ants in a single product. It can also be used preventively on all the surfaces in the home, on door and window jambs, gratings, mosquito nets, curtains, walls and floors; on balconies and exteriors in general, loggias, verandas and gazebos with a barrier effect to keep insects away.

Instructions: Spray the products into the room to treat for a few seconds (4/6) as high as possible and with a circular movement. It can be used for solving an already existing problem and for preventing infestations by flying and crawling insects. In the latter case, treat the surfaces or objects (shutters, mosquito nets, etc.) that you want to render repellent to insects. Ventilate the room before using it again.

Where to use it: In the air of the environment to treat, on all surfaces in the home, loggias, verandas, terraces and exteriors in general, on door and window jambs, on gratings, mosquito nets and gazebos, on curtains, on walls and floors.

Where not to use it: foods and containers for food. On flames or incandescent bodies.

Operating principle: The product acts by contact and ingestion.

Notes: A single product against both flying and crawling insects = SAVING. Fast action in space and long persistence in time: this means treating the environment less often = EVEN MORE SAVING and LESS POLLUTION.

Respect the environment: Does not contain gases and propellants that are damaging for the ozone layer.

Certifications: A Medical Product


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