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IMAB: Italian Design Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer

Model: CAM 118 Bedroom Frniture Set

Italian design Wardrobe 2 sliding doors wooden frame lacquered gloss white and gray MEASURE COMPOSITION 240 x 260 x 61
White stuffed bed MEASURE COMPOSITION 88 x 168 x 200
Bedside table Magda lacquered gloss white MEASURE COMPOSITION 44 x 54 x 40
Chest of drawers Magda lacquered gloss white MEASURE COMPOSITION 78 x 116 x 47
Mirror Reflex lacquered gloss white MEASURE COMPOSITION85 x 64 x 2,2

CARCASE Lacquered gloss white
FRONT:Lacquered gloss white and gray

Application: Bedroom Furniture
Style: Modern style, Italian design

Contact us: imabgroup@gmail.com

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